Company profile

In 2007, when the trend of the Silicon Valley startups arrived in Japan, Descartes Search was established as a recruitment firm specializing in the engineers’ search, serving Japanese companies seeking to innovate through the expansion of their technology departments. The co-founders, Pascal Hideki Hamonic and Julien Yuki Hamonic, have taken advantage of their background as engineers and their startup experience to carefully listen to their clients’ technical requirements. As a result, our firm has helped many clients acquire the best engineers from around the world. Our foreign engineers database exceeds 20,000 entries and we have gained over the years a high reputation as an excellent recruiting agency for foreign IT manpower’s acquisition. Since then, we have become a more comprehensive search firm by expanding the range of positions that we deal with, covering levels from junior to executive, as well as covering occupations from designer, marketer to compliance officer, in accordance to the various needs of our clients.

Corporate philosophy

1. Logic and Intuition
We emphasize both logic and intuition in every aspect of our decision making. Especially when it comes to recruiting, not only a logical assessment, but also a high degree of intuition about the vision of both jobseeker and employer, lifestyle, work style, cultural background, corporate culture are equally important.
2. Constant challenging
Our everlasting desire is to be very useful and good escort runners for all the people who run to take on new challenges. At Descartes Search, there are many members who have experience in startups, starting businesses that are different from recruiting.
3. Synchronicity
We believe in the power of “synchronicity”, this notion devised by the famous Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, that says that events happen at the same time for a specific reason and not randomly. In Japanese, this is close to “Ichi-go, Ichi-e” or “one time, one meeting”. On the surface, it seems that people meet up for the first time for no reason but end up working together because they were in fact predisposed to do so. Our great pleasure is to help such necessary connections arise.


  1. December 2007:The company is established in Tokyo Minato-ku Shiba.
  2. Mars 2008:The company is relocated to Tokyo Minato-ku Minami Aoyama.
  3. January 2011:The company is relocated to Tokyo Minato-ku Azabu-dai.
  4. Mars 2011:The company acquired a recruiting license.
  5. June 2014:The company introduced the first retainer contract for engineers in Japan.
  6. October 2014:The company released a recruiting service dedicated to the search of manpower for the crypto-currencies and blockchain industry, called Satoshi's collar. First in Japan.
  7. April 2015:The company is the first recruiting company in the world to accept crypto-currencies (ex: bitcoin) as a payment method.
  8. January 2016:The company released the official site of Satoshi's collar.
  9. April 2016:The company became a founding member of the Japan Blockchain Association.
  10. June 2016:The company released the official site of Turing's collar, a recruiting service dedicated to the search of manpower for the AI industry in Japan.
  11. January 2017:The company released the official site of Moore's collar, a recruiting service dedicated to the search of manpower for the IoT industry in Japan.
  12. December, 2017:The company released officially Starsgate, a matching platform between highly skilled foreign jobseekers and innovative Japan-based employers.
  13. November, 2019:Co-founder Julien Yuki Hamonic passed away from this world.
  14. March, 2020:Renewal of the Web site.

Company information

Corporate name Descartes Search, LLC.
Recruiting license number 13-ユ-304974
Head office address 3-1-5, 301, Azabu-dai Hinoki Biru, Azabudai Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 106-0041
Established on 2007, 27th of December
Capital ¥6,020,000(2013, 14th of May)
Co-founders Julien Yuki Hamonic
Pascal Hideki Hamonic
CEO and Directors CEO, Pascal Hideki Hamonic
Director, Atsuko Hamonic
Description of businesses
  1. Job introduction business.
  2. Search business.
  3. Search, detection and introduction of candidates using IT systems and Web systems.
  4. Design and management of IT systems and Internet applications for searching for candidates, detecting and recommending the right candidates.
  5. Design and hosting of recruitment seminars.
  6. Design and management of career change sites.
  7. Design and management of Web sites and Internet applications that help the job seeker find her or his new job.
  8. Design and management of coaching and career counseling services that use the Internet.
  9. Psychological analysis, psychological counseling, career counseling, career coaching.
Tax accountant Kensaku Fukuda
Tel03-6426-5767 (our business hours: 10:00~19:00, week days)
Contact email address info @
Association membership Founding member, silver member of the Japan Blockchain Association (JBA)


Azabudai-Hinoki BL, Room 301. Minato-ku Azabudai 3-1-5, Tokyo 106-0041, Japan.

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