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Since the establishment of the company back in 2007, we have been providing Japan-based companies with high class human resources, especially engineers, the driving force of innovation.


In recent years, in the IT industry, it is said that it has become increasingly difficult to acquire excellent engineers, but there are many excellent human resources who want to work in Japan, around the world.


At Descartes Search, experienced consultants with a background in computer science and electrical engineering will provide a comprehensive support for acquiring the best talent by carefully listening to the clients’ requirements.

We focus on technical roles at companies that leverage the following cutting edge technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT, Quantum computing, to name a few.


VALUES The 3 core values of
Descartes Search

We have been building our own global talent database for over 10 years. In our network, the number of IT manpower who can work in Japan is around 20,000 entries (from 30 countries). Up to now, we have introduced various human resources from engineers and project managers to designers and compliance officers. Especially, we have acquired a high level of expertise regarding the matching of foreign engineers with the needs of Japan-based startups, especially companies founded by Japanese founders. We believe we have become one of the highly reputable global IT search firms in Tokyo on this front.

We believe that recruiters who have a very good grasp of your technical requirements are necessary for securing the hiring of high-class engineers and that determines the success of a project. Our main consultants who have a background in engineering and some experience in establishing startups, will carefully listen to your recruitment needs and from there, will come up with the best strategy for acquiring the high level manpower that you need. In addition, we provide a comprehensive support to our clients without waste at all points in the recruitment process, including a constant follow up with both candidates and companies.

We have cherished the motto of “the best recruiting that reason and sensibility can lead to” as our unique way of doing. Right from the beginning, we have been adopting a “Cartesian” approach to recruiting. This is derived from the philosophy of René Descartes, the famous French philosopher and scientist who studied the connection between reason and intuition. In order to achieve the best matching between both client companies and candidates, we believe that not only a logical assessment is important but also a high degree of intuitive sensitivity to various factors such as the personality of the candidate, his or her lifestyle, the company’s culture and working style is equally important.



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