Our company is a company that provides several services. One of them is "human resources service". In order to provide such service, the top priority is to manage and protect the security of personal information entrusted to us. In order to fulfill this responsibility, we have established a privacy policy that you can find below. All employees and directors of the company will strive to properly handle personal information, manage it and maintain it in accordance with this policy.

1. The acquisition, use and provision of personal information


As regard to personal information, we cannot acquire and use it without the consent of the person in question. In case you let us use your personal information, we will not use such information outside the scope permitted. Also, unless we are legally required to do so or unless you let us do so, we will not provide such information to any third parties.

2. Our management and protection of personal information


We will manage your personal information very carefully. To prevent the illegal disclosure of personal information and the unauthorized access to personal information, or loss of it, we will apply strict rules regarding the acquisition, preservation, management and the destruction of such personal personal information. In particular we will make sure that such rules are applied for ID and password management. Also, if a decrease in the safety or problems are observed, we will take corrective actions to determine the cause.

3. Compliance with the laws regarding personal information


We will fully comply with any guidelines, laws and regulations on the handling of personal information, that are established by the labor laws of Japan and the European GDPR.

4. Regular inspections of the personal information protection management system


Following this personal information protection policy, we will work to continuously check the security of our IT systems and we will strive to continuously improve them.

5. On the handling of complaints or inquiries


When asked by the person who owns his or her personal information to disclose, correct, delete such information or when asked not to disclose such information, we will fully comply with such request.