Recruitment service

【Contingency search】

The contingency search is a 100% success-based service that requires no initial costs. Costs will only be incurred after the successful completion of the search by Descartes Search. We will search for the right candidates with qualities and characteristics that meet the client's requirements, and will respond accurately and promptly to the client’s inquiries during the whole recruitment process. After joining, if the successful candidate resigns from his or her job prematurely, within the service guarantee period, the introduction fee will be refunded according to the introduction’s contract.

【Retainer search】

In the retainer search contract, the search will officially start when the retainer fee is paid by the client, and the search for the right candidate will be conducted intensively until a successful introduction is made according to the request of the client. This type of search is recommended when the client is looking for highly specialized skills or for a very experienced person such as in the executive search or in head-hunting. This is also recommended when the search is urgent.

In our retainer contract, first of all, we will take time to sit down with you, the client, to listen to your requests and needs, and we will detect the important issues related to the search of the right candidate(s) for your job opening(s), and we will conduct regular discussions. Also we will provide our feedback on a regular basis so that we can accurately grasp the features of the perfect candidate.

We will also conduct scouting, screening, technical testing, and comprehensive evaluation. After that, we will only introduce to you, the candidates that have passed our very tight filter with a high sense of responsibility. We will make sure that you have priority over an offer negotiation in case the candidate is getting several offers from various companies.

Contingency search Retainer search
Pricing A% of the first year salary B% of the first year salary
Guarantee of candidates' introduction NoYes
Priority over candidates' negotiation NoYes
Pricing Guarantee of candidates' introduction Priority over candidates' negotiationGuanrantee of search's continuation
Contingency search A% of the first year salary No No No
Retainer search B% of the first year salaryYesYesYes

If you have any questions about the pricing, please reach out to us via the contact form or via info @ .

【Satoshi’s collar】

This is one of the largest job consulting services specializing in the blockchain and crypto-assets domain in Japan. In 2011, after discovering Bitcoin, we recognized at an early point the importance of the blockchain technology as a potential tool to disruptive societies in a positive way. Since then, we have been contributing to the growth of the industry in Japan.
Our consultants know in depth the nature of this industry and therefore will be able to respond to any of your specific requests, accurately and carefully.

【Moore’s collar】

This is a job consulting service specializing in the IoT, AR and VR domains in Japan. Our consultants will take an approach based on a cross-industry analysis to introduce to you the best candidates on the jobs market. We look forward to helping you here as well. This industry in still young. So it is difficult to find consultants knowledgeable about it but our consultants are. Therefore they will be able to help you define your HR needs and we make our mission to come up with strategies about how to find you the best matching global human assets for your company.

【Turing’s collar】

This is a highly valued job consulting service specializing in the AI domain in Japan. Many job seekers looking to work for companies that leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and data science have registered to Turing’s collar over the years since its inception. Our main consultants will help our clients solve their staffing challenges in a timely manner. If you are a Japan-based company aiming at increasing productivity using AI, please feel free to reach out to us.


This recruitment service matches Japan-based companies that seek to innovate, with foreign or international highly skilled manpower.

Corporate consulting

We also provide strategic HR consulting services to our clients for helping them create a competitive advantage.

“What is important for managing a multi-national team of engineers?”,

“How to manage issues related to the religious and cultural backgrounds frictions that are likely to occur within teams that include non Japanese staff?",

We, at Descartes Search, have many years of know-how regarding how to set the best practices and effective HR strategies that truly create value in order to ensure the growth of international and global teams.
Please feel free to contact us first, any time. Our experienced consultants will be more than happy to advise you on the current job seekers market.

Our ultimate goal is to give you a competitive edge by providing to you hidden highly skilled, high class staff in a cost effective fashion.

Career counselling

We provide consultation and counseling services to job seekers on their career paths and career changes, mainly for engineers and executives.

“What career should I follow?,
Where and how do I gain experience and increase my value?”

In any age, we believe it is important to have a career strategy in which you look forward to the future, but it seems that many people are only vaguely concerned.

Both of the co-founders of Descartes Search have a background in electrical engineering and computer science, which enables our firm to really understand the intricacies and the minituous aspects of the technical skills set of each individual as well as each persons specific career aspiration, when it comes to engineers. The two of them have been engaged in IT recruiting for more than 11 years now.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about how to design your career path, what kind of job you should switch to and what kind of skills you should acquire, depending on the current jobs market.

Supporting engineers by helping them follow the best career path is also one of our missions.

Our consultants will be more than happy to provide to you very attractive, hidden job opportunities at companies that are highly innovative.